Gerard Wolff (possibly living with another surname)

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Hi everybody,

I'm looking for my half-brother of my father and uncle. His name is Gerard Wolff, but he is possibly living with the surname of his mother or the surname from the new partner his mom found after she divorced my granddad. My granddad en his mother seperated pretty soon after WOII (the last picture we got from them as a family is from around 1946/1947) and Gerard was born around 1940 and he was born in the former colony the Dutch East Indies. I've put as much information as I got from him, my granddad and my great grandfather in my geneagoly and I hope the settings are right so everything is visible.
I'm curious to Gerard and hope he is still alive so I can get to know him, but I'm also curious wether I have more family somewhere around the world or not.
From what I know Gerard his mom met an American after the divorce with my granddad and they left to the USA, but I don't know wether that's true or not. Besides that I have 2 child pictures of Gerard and 1 baby picture of him so far, my dad possibly has some more in the attic.
I just started looking for him, so any suggestions on how to look further are happily accepted!!
Sorry if my English isn't correct all the time, I'm Dutch and I have high school English and google transelate haha, so please correct me if I make a really stupid mistake!

Kind regards,
Marit Wolff

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