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Lawtie family of Banff and Cullen

Lähetetty: 06 Tammikuu 2015, 22:30
Kirjoittaja andrewm77
I'm trying to piece together a piece of my family tree which tracks back to the 1600 in Scotland.  My direct ancestor, Eliza Lawtie (1790-1824), originally from Banff, Scotland, married an Irishman, Maj. Gen. Christopher Fagan, in India in 1807.  Eliza had travelled to India with her father.

- Eliza, born in Banff,  was the daughter of George Urquhart Lawtie (1752-1807) and Sarah [nee Tuting] Lawtie. 
- George Urquhart Lawtie was the son of  George Lawtie (1725-1799) and Grizzell [nee Urquhart] Lawtie (daughter of a George Urquhart of Banff).
- George Lawtie was the son of the Rev. James Lawtie (1685-1751), a some time Minister at Cullen, and Katharine [nee Dunbar] Lawtie (1685-1763), born in Cullen.
- I've managed to find out that Rev. James Lawtie was the son of a certain "James Lawtie of Tochieneal" and grandson of a "George Lawtie of Tochineal", who was in turn a "near relative" of "William Lawtie of Myre House".  George and William were both included on the Committee of War for Banffshire in 1645.

I am interest to know if my intuition is correct that this line can be traced back the the Rev. William Lawtie (d 1593), the first Minister for Banff and Cullen after the Reformation of the Church, and any additional information about George and James of Tochineal that might be out there (and/or William of Myre House).  Also, any information on how and/or why George Urquhart headed to India.

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Lähetetty: 10 Helmikuu 2019, 19:40
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Dear Sir,

My ancestor, dr William Lorimer, married to Mary Follier (in a few records spelt Folla, daughter of Alexander Follier and wife Janet Fraser) was the son of another William Lorimer, whose father-in-law was James Lawtie of Tochineal. I am certain of that because de William Lorimer left a will to Marischal College, in whose mortification he mentions the descendants of his (maternal) grandfather, James Lawtie of Tochineal. William Lorimer (born, 1670)also read Arts at Marischal College, His father, Dr William Lorimer (1640-1722) was devine, after he had made a Study of Theology, as an extension from Arts at Marischal College, too, in Aberdeen. These people are relevant for the study of religion in Britain. They were nonconformists and supported Charles in England, where the first William Lorimer lived and where he was buried, in the parish church of Saint Mary Pattens in 1722 near his uncle, John Lorimer, dead in 1689, a considerable London
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