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Mathilde Widman also may be Wittmann,Married Alphonse Muhla 20 Nov 1885

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I am the grandson of Alphonse Muhla( The birth certificate spells his name Mouhla however, all the documents spell it Muhla) born 4 Dec 1859 son of Antone Muhla and Therese Lacombe. Kembs,Haut-Rhine France. Alphonse married Mathilde Widmann (may also be spelled Wittmann ?) 20 Nov 1885. A daughter, Marie, was born on 5 May 1885 and on the marriage license dated Nov 5 ,1885 it was stated that Marie was their legaly born daughter. Subsequent to this Alphonse married my grandmother Emilie Segar (May be spelled Saeger) on June 1897. ( They gave birth to Rupertine Muhla my mother). My question is what happened to Alphonse's first wife Mathilde Widmann?. I have not been able to locate a deatht notice or certificate of a divorce .The daughter Marie migrated to America in 1900 with the family and spells her mothers name as Wittmann. The marriage certificate apears to be spelled Widmann??. I would like to know what happened to Mathilda.I am wondering if anyone may have a record of this person and her parents?

I would appreciate any help you can pass on to me
Walter James (Waltken)

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Hello Walter,

It would be easier to help you with more information. ;)

You mention some dates but without the places, and the only place you mention is wrong :D : Alphonse was born in Châtenois (Bas Rhin) and not in Kembs (Haut Rhin).

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