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Two suspected French ancestors (brick walls)

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Hi there,

I'm trying to find anything I can on two of my ancestors.

All I know are their names, and a rough guide to what year they may have been born.

The first is; Adele (Letand) de Beauvert (probably born around 1830).
Married to Antonio Ferdinando Inglott (1831-1906)
Her son (Vincent Nicholas Inglott 1850-1920) died in a hotel in Switzerland (L'Hotel des Rochers de Naye, Montreux) so there is the potential she may have been Swiss.

The second; Rosina (also documented as Rose-Marie) Venel (born somewhere around 1850).
Married to the above Vincent Nicholas Inglott.

I have no idea where they were born, and all of my searching over the years has brought up nothing.

Here is one of the documents listing their names.
de Beauvert.jpg
Will front page with names (Letand) de Beauvert, Venel

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Vincent Nicholas INGLOTT was born on 28 APR 1850 in Alexandria, Egypt, when it was a British colony. His birth records may be in UK archives.

For the mother, I read Adèle LETARD from Beauvert. Since no country is mentioned, I assume it is Switzerland but cannot locate a town by that name. It is also possible that her maiden name is LETARD DE BEAUVERT. That would be consistent with the fact that there is no location for the father, just a name.

There are no details regarding the father in this document, but a Geni tree died on 21 AUG 1906 in Alexandria and both parents born in Malta. You may want to contact the owner of that tree.

I would start by visiting a local Family History center to browse through the Alexandria baptisms from the Church of England.


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