Looking for James Greaves born 1836... may have died in Brazil in late 1800s?

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I need some help from genealogists in Brazil!

We only have one photo. of my great great grandfather James Greaves ( born 1836 Birmingham, England ) taken in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

According to census records he was a 'tin-plate worker',  though family tradition was that he was something to do with the jewellry trade.  The photo is supposed to be of him and his business partner,  and there is a mystery around a possible murder  ( James or the partner?)

The last record we have found for James is  the 1871 census,  he is living with his wife and daughter and cousins  in Icknield Street in Birmingham.

A son Ernest Edward was born in 1874,  then by 1880  Ann Maria had remarried a William Peters.  Something happened to James between 1871  and 1880. 

I really need some help to find any records of his trip to Rio De Janeiro.  This must have been in the second half of the 19th century.  Until recently, I could find no records other than the photograph ,  which has no date on it. 
This week I found a piece in an old Birmingham newspaper which reported he died in Rio de Janeiro on 4th Sept 1875.
I don't know what I need to do next to get more information.... would there be records in Brazil?

Can anyone help me with my search?

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