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Parents of Christopher Haak

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Any hint on how to proceed with my problem below?
I joined Geneanet because of its focus on European genealogy.

Christopher Jacob Haak, born on 16 August 1784 and ancestor on my maternal line, came according to family tradition from the border region of Austria/South Germany. It is said that he tried to evade military service at home to avoid fighting against his mother's people (French).
He enrolled as a hussar on 26 November 1806 in the Regiment of Mörner in Vorpommern that belonged to Sweden at that time. In this way he later came to the home base of the regiment in Sweden.
Here he married a Swede, Maria Lundgren, in 1818 at Lövestad. He was employed at Lövestad's Royal Estate. Count Carl von Platen helped him to an employment at Wittsköfle Castle. He died on 18 December 1831 at Köping.
Swedish official records state that he was born in Vorpommern, which probably is not true. Some records cautiously state "came from Vorpommern".
Family tradition points at different previous names as Hauke, Hauker and von Hauker.
A large region of possible origin and an uncertain name makes it virtually impossible to trace his true origin.
My only hope of finding Christopher Jacob Haak's place of birth and parents is the following:
In 1950 an Austrian "doctor" came to Åhus, Sweden, where I grew up. His purpose was to interview us and my old grandmother's aunt, Hilda Jacobina Bengtsén, and record facts about his Swedish relatives.
Unfortunately our family stayed in France that summer, so we missed to meet this Austrian. No information about the doctor remains.
Does someone recognize Christopher Jacob Haak or the Austrian doctor?
The Austrian doctor is hardly alive today but some genealogist might know about him.

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gaius2 kirjoitti: according to family tradition from the border region of Austria/South Germany.
Family tradition is not always correct.

Assuming it is not:
the town of Meldorf is a lot closer to Sweden than South Germany.

This one could be possible: Baptism: 31 Aug 1784
Unfortunately, that's all I can say.

Germany, Lutheran Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials, 1518-1921
Jacob Haack
Gender: männlich (Male)
Event Type: Taufe (Baptism)
Baptism Date: 31 Aug 1784
Baptism Place: Meldorf, Schleswig-Holstein, Deutschland (Germany)
Father: Jac. Haack
City or District: Meldorf
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To femuse:
I am most grateful to answer! Your arguments are extremely good and will try to go further with your input as soon as I can.
Certainly, family tradition can be misleading - however, in other respects it has proven reliable. In this case the time scale may be false, so the origin Austria/S, Germany may concern Christopher Haak's grand parents.
That Austrian "doctor" is also a little disturbing as is the appearance of his descendents - e.g. dark hair.
Anyway, I am most happy with your guidance - this is my very first try on any forum and I hope this response to your help is appropriate.
/ Gaius

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