Correction on "Welsberg"-tree

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first i want to congratulate for the clearness of your displays.
when checking the genealogy tree of the "welsperg" family from my area i found a mistake:
"guidobald anastasius von welsperg" was not "maria anna von raitenau's" brother but her son. i.e. "maria anna von raitenau und rosegg" got married to christoph sigismund, freiherr von welsperg-primör". on your page it is correctly stated that maria anna died in bruneck, and so did her husband christoph sigismund. i live in bruneck, and on the wall of the parsonage there is a built in graveslab with the two names and the statement, that they were husband and wife.find attached a photo of the slab with the inscriptions in the german of that times.
i hope my contribution helps improve your great project.

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