Looking for the death certificate of Pierre-Antoine Jardinier probaly dead in Napoli in 16.8.1854

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I am looking for the death certificate of Pierre-Antoine Jardinier probaly dead in Napoli in 16.8.1854. This person was a clever armorer and flee Switzerland due to his participation of the civil war in Wallis .

Here is an extract of his bio translated by automated tools:
In 1853 we find him in Palermo, where, on 17 May, he obtained from the commander of the place allowed and roadmap to go to Naples where he was to be examined about weapons construction. This examination seems to have had the most satisfactory results for him, since on 6 July of the same year, he was appointed Warrant Officer following the 2nd Swiss Regiment. On 17 August 1853, Captain Antoine de Preux, commander of the Swiss artillery battery in Naples, sent him a letter to Torre Annunziata, where he worked at the arms factory, asking him to activate the manufacture of bag machines to be presented to King on the occasion of the parade on 8 September. Gardener replied that despite the short time left by his regular work at the factory, he would send two machines in due course. In February 1854, he still works as a warrant officer at the Torre weapons factory. Pierre Jardinier died in the service of Naples around 1855 or at the beginning of 1856 , since the same year the Department of Finance of the Valais, paying an old note for military supplies, deducted from his inheritance an amount of Fr. 264.78 for expenses to which Pierre had been sentenced by judgment of the District Court of Monthey on 16 June 1848 ...

The original document in french could be found here (page 10):

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