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Emile Robert BERNHEIM in South Africa

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Emile Robert BERNHEIM was born in Paris in 1863 and in 1881 travelled to the Kimberley diamond fields to work with the pioneers. He met his wife there. She was Nelly Ricarda Primrose and was already married to Rene Antoine Bovie. Rene Antoine died in 1889, leaving Nelly Ricarda with a young daughter, Vera Vera Johanna Primrose.

Emile Robert and Nelly Ricarda left South Africa with Vera and were married. Marriage banns were submitted in Sceaux, Paris in 1892, but we don't know exactly where the were wed. It could have been in the Kimberley area, but more likely to be in the Paris area.

However, the family went to live in London, England in 1894, where Emile Robert followed his chosen profession as a diamond merchant. He and Nelly Ricarda could well have married in London. Their four children, Gaston Emile, Inez Marie, Emily and Marguerite were all born in London between 1894 and 1897.

I would be grateful for any help in determining where exactly Emile Robert BERNHEIM and Nelly Ricarda BOVIE (nee PRIMROSE) were married.

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i haven't fund the wedding place but :

- i checked the wedding tables in Sceaux for the period , there is no wedding under their names. So the wedding wasn't in SCEAUX

- i checked his birth certificate if there was any infos : unfortunately nothing annotated.
( certificate number 2781 on the 23rd Jully 1862 for a birth on the 21st )

- i checked for 1892 in Paris : 3rd , 8th ,10th and 16th arrondissement : no wedding under their names
Here is the link for Paris

best regards,

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