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The History of Muscatine county, Iowa

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The History of Muscatine county, Iowa

The History of Muscatine county, Iowa

Lähde : Internet Archive

The History of Muscatine county, Iowa

The History of Muscatine county, Iowa

Lähde : Internet Archive

Tulokset : VANATER

Sivu 167

in 1834, by Benjamin Nye, John Vanater and G. W. Kasey, who were the first settlers. E. E. Fay, Wilham

Sivu 392

In the spring of 1838, John Vanater purchased Lawson's interest. In later years, the mill was taken down and removed

Sivu 408

Board was then composed of John Vanater, E. Thornton and Aaron Usher, with Mr.

Sivu 409

Err Thornton, Aaron Usher and John Vanater, and John G. Morrow was appointed Clerk.

Sivu 410

the Board was composed of John Vanater, Madison Stewart and Moses Perrin, with J. G. Morrow, Clerk.

Sivu 411

the Board was composed of John Vanater, R. Stewart and Benjamin Nye, with Edward E. Fay, Clerk.

Sivu 415

said John Abbott, with John Vanater and Eli Reynolds, his securities, appeared and entered into bonds, conditional according to

Sivu 416

in Bloomington for one year." John Vanater was his security.

Sivu 423

Thomas Isett, Amos Walton, John Vanater-these are names which awaken a train of recollection among the survivors of the

Sivu 430

1835- James Casey, John Vanater, John Mc Grew, Arthur Washburn, Dr. Eli Reynolds.

Sivu 442

Lee were chosen Lieutenants , John Vanater was commissioned Colonel. J. E. Fletcher, Major General of Militia, was in the

Sivu 489

During the winter of 1836, John Vanater, who had prospected this region at a much earlier date, negotiated with Maj.

Sivu 490

Lyman C. Hine, Suel Foster, John Vanater, James W. Casey, Adam Ogilvie, T. M. Isett, Mr. Norton and wife and

Sivu 491

When Mr. Vanater succeeded to the proprietorship of the trading-house, positive competition sprang up between the

Sivu 492

Bridgeman's store and his dwelling. John Vanater built the second hotel in the spring of 1838, where the Tribune building

Sivu 494

the enterprise were Joseph Williams, John Vanater, Adam Ogilvie, Charles Alexander Warfield, Suel Foster, William Gordon, Harvey Gillett, William D.

Sivu 495

record does not show which), John Vanater, Aaron Usher and Err Thornton, County Commissioners, selected the southeast quarter of Section