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History of Littleton, New Hampshire (Vol. 1)

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History of Littleton, New Hampshire (Vol. 1)

History of Littleton, New Hampshire (Vol. 1)

Lähde : Internet Archive

History of Littleton, New Hampshire (Vol. 1)

History of Littleton, New Hampshire (Vol. 1)

Lähde : Internet Archive

Tulokset : RIX

Sivu 323

were made by the clergyman, Nathaniel Rix, Jr., Bliss N. Davis, of Waterford, and others. One of the speakers declared

Sivu 324

Henry Bellows, and Hon. Nathaniel Rix, Jr., was the orator. It is said that the orator did not spare

Sivu 327

old-time teacher of repute was Nathaniel Rix, Jr., who was proficient in many things, not the least notable of which

Sivu 346

but the personal popularity of Mr. Rix was such that the General could not rally to his support all who

Sivu 347

and resolutions drawn up by Nathaniel Rix, Jr.,^ were adopted, which characteristically set forth what were regarded as the prominent

Sivu 347

plea for rotation in office. Mr. Rix was not unmindful of the fact that he had but recently been elected

Sivu 350

At this election Mr. Rix, in spite of his repeated elections, possibly on account of that fact, desired

Sivu 358

a Representative in tlie Legislature, Nathaniel Rix, Jr., by skill in the management of political affairs as well as by

Sivu 358

was re-elected the succeeding year. Mr. Rix was the first resident of Littleton to be elected to an important State

Sivu 455

Register of Deeds, bestowed upon Nathaniel Rix, Jr., in th.e thirties. It was time for something more substantial in tlie

Sivu 520

John Gile, and his maternal Nathaniel Rix, Jr. His career as a soldier was distinguished. He passed successively through all

Sivu 557

Charles Burt, Jr., of Betlilchem, Jonathan M. Rix, of Dalton, and Charles A. Austin, of Monroe.

Sivu 794

1830. Comfort Day, 122, Nathaniel Rix, Jr., 46, Scat. 4.

Sivu 805

Guy Ely Nathaniel Rix,

Sivu 823

Nathaniel Rix, Councillor, 1832 and 1833.

Sivu 867

Rix, Jonathan M., son of Ilale and Evelina, b. Dec. 30, 1833, enl.

Sivu 918

Rix, Jonathan M., 462.